How Much Do Guns Cost?

Silhouette of a rifle with dollar signs and question marks surrounding itBecoming a firearm owner in Australia can come with a variety of costs that most may not be initially aware of. Whether you're a seasoned firearms enthusiast or considering your first purchase, understanding the costs involved is important in being able to plan out a realistic budget. From the upfront expenses of acquiring a gun to the ongoing maintenance and accessories, this article will delve into the realities of gun ownership costs and what factors influence them as well as additional costs that you will need to prepare for before you embark on the awesome journey of firearm ownership.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Guns

When it comes to the cost of guns, there are several factors that can significantly impact the price tag. The first factor to consider is the brand and reputation of the manufacturer. Well known brands with a history of quality craftsmanship such as Tikka or Winchester, can also tend to attract a higher price point compared to lesser known brands. 

Another key factor affecting gun costs is the type and calibre of the firearm. High calibre rifles or specialised firearms designed for specific purposes like hunting or competitive shooting will generally be more expensive than more basic and simple versions. Larger calibre rifles or handguns will generally attract a higher price point as bigger calibres impart more forces and load on the firearm, and so therefore need to use better materials or more complex engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure reliability. The calibre of a firearm is just one factor, there are a wide array of different features and specs involved with firearms that can mean the difference of a couple hundred, to even thousands of dollars in the final price point. 

Attachments and supplementary equipment such as advanced optics, laser sights, custom grips, range finders, brass catchers and any other required attachments can quickly drive up the overall cost. You may start off with your firearm owning journey with a basic .22 and then find yourself needing a better scope, flip up sights and a whole range of other accessories to make your shooting experience even better. Customisation options and special finishes will also naturally contribute to an increase in price depending on your personal preferences. At Shooters Mart, we stock every accessory, attachment and equipment you could ever need for your shooting experience.

Ammunition is also a key factor that shouldn't be ignored when picking out your first or new firearm. After all, you might absolutely love shooting your gun but you won't be doing it as often if you like if the ammo will cost you an arm and a leg. For most beginners, it’s recommended to purchase a second hand, reliable .22 or .22lr rifle. The ammunition used is fairly affordable compared to large calibres and they will do everything you need them to starting out. 

Types of Guns and Their Average Costs

When it comes to purchasing guns, the variety available can be overwhelming. There are many different types of rifles for multiple different purposes, and with these options you might find yourself spending anywhere from $700 for a new basic model up to several thousand dollars for high end precision rifles. Shotguns are another popular variety of firearm and their prices can range anywhere from as low as 300 to a few thousand, depending on the model. Whatever firearm you decide to go with, your choice will depend on your budget and how much you are willing to spend.

For a beginner, it is recommended to start off your firearm collection with a second hand gun. You will be buying for a reduced price and most likely from a previous firearm owner that will have an extensive knowledge and can help you starting off. Second hand firearms can have varying prices due to factors such as quality, age, maintenance, damage and included accessories. It is important to compare the model of the firearm you intend to purchase second hand to its brand new recommended retail price (RRP) so you can be assured to be getting a fair deal. It is also important to make sure the firearm is in working condition, so it can be smart to bring another firearms expert you know or read up on forums for that particular gun to make sure it is in a satisfactory condition.

Additional Expenses Associated with Gun Ownership

Investing in safety equipment like gun safes or lock boxes to securely store your guns is crucial for responsible ownership and a legal requirement in Australia. Training courses and range fees are also important to note as these are where you will most likely be using your firearm for a majority of the time. Obtaining a firearm licence is also a necessary expense in order for you to purchase and own a gun. Another additional expense to keep in mind is maintenance and cleaning supplies for your firearm. Proper care and upkeep are essential to ensure your gun functions safely and effectively. This includes items like gun oil, brushes, and cleaning patches which can normally be purchased in the form of universal gun cleaning kits.

Considering all the factors discussed, owning a gun comes with various costs beyond just the purchase price you see at the gunshop. From maintenance, training and licensing to accessories, storage solutions and ammunition, the expenses can add up quickly. For many gun owners, the positives from simply the recreational enjoyment of shooting or the need for hunting and pest control that firearms provide easily outweigh the financial cost of owning a firearm. Shooters Mart are Australia's number one supplier for firearm accessories and supplies, visit our store today and find the perfect accessories for your budding firearm collection.